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Nick Palumbo Writer Producer- Director

Nick Palumbo is the visionary director, writer and producer who created what is considered one of the most notorious theatrical feature horror cult films in movie history, "MURDER-SET-PIECES".

Shot on location in Las Vegas on 35mm film, "MURDER-SET-PIECES" is distributed in North America and South America by Lionsgate Films (the heavily cut R rated version) and the original ("Unrated"/"NC-17" version) is distributed in Europe and Asia by Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company and 20th Century Fox.

Palumbo has been obsessed with cinema since his early childhood when his father began taking him to revival house movie theatres in the late 1970s. He later graduated film school in Los Angeles, California.

In 1999, Palumbo formed Fright Flix Productions and became a fresh force in the independent motion picture world when he wrote, produced and directed his first feature "NUTBAG" (a movie which was released edited in most countries). In 2002, he followed this opus with the award-winning 35mm short film, "SINISTER", which was shot on location in New York City.

In 2004, Palumbo wrote, produced and directed the inimitable "MURDER-SET-PIECES, which had a major city domestic theatrical run in 2005. Screened for its World Premiere at the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain, "MURDER-SET-PIECES" was the first unrated American horror feature motion picture to hit theaters in over 20 years.

Palumbo's new feature will be the 35mm neo-noir thriller "The Last Gas Station" (2012)

Nick Palumbo currently resides in Los Angeles.